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Monday, June 06, 2005

One more note on McCarthy

Myles Hoenig of Baltimore City asked McCarthy if he was registered Green. After all, he had praised the Green Party several times in his speech.

Surprisingly, McCarthy said he wasn't registered to vote. He said he would not want to vote for anyone sworn to uphold the Constitution as long as it contained the section about the government raising and maintaining a militia. Now that is an impressive stance.

After his speech, outgoing Maryland Green Party Membership Coordinator Mike Shea talked to him. By the end of the conversation, McCarthy said he'd register Green. (If you don't know Mike Shea, the guy's a wizard at getting people to register.)

Of course, for someone like McCarthy (and possibly a number of you out there as well), the obvious response is that even if you don't vote, you should register Green to show your support of Green ideals. I'd even go one step further by saying that you SHOULD vote if only to elect people that will change the Constitution to reflect your beliefs. After all, isn't that what the Christian Right are doing?


Anonymous Tim Willard said...

Hi Daniel,

I'm glad to see you posting again. The Green blogosphere is growing and I think we need to support each other. We have a new blog for the Montgomery County Greens. Come take a look. We've linked to your blog. If you'd like to link to ours we'd be very happy!


6:31 AM  
Blogger Allah bless and Airman. said...

Quote on Iranian Presidential Elections: "Considering that all the candidates are picked by the theocratic leaders, it doesn't seem like there's any real choice in Iran anyway. It's as if Bush were running against someone like, say, Ashcroft."

Not true!

1. The candidates are vetted, not picked, by the authorities.

2. There were three reformist candidates, one of them (Moeen) an ouspoken supporter of secularism. He was the candidate of the top reformist party in the country.

3. The candidates were given equal time on national TV. Moeen was on the air, saying openly that he is against theocracy.

4. Moeen and one other reformist candidate were initially vetted by the Guardian Council. The vociferous outcry of reformist organizations compelled the Leader to ask the Council to reverse its decision.

5. This was the freest and most competetive presidential election Iran has held in many years.

7:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hurrah for free television time for candidates in Iran. Now if only we could get the same in this country!

8:11 AM  

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