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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Proud to be Green because....

The two candidates, who received less than 0.3 percent of the Ohio vote, paid $113,600 for a statewide recount after the vote was certified earlier this month by the secretary of state.
The two people being discussed here are none other than Green Part Presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian Party Presidential candidate Michael Bednarik.

I knew I was proud of what Cobb was doing, fighting to ensure that we actually live in a democracy and not a farce of one, but I think this quote really puts things into perspective.

The two individuals who will be least affected by the outcome of an Ohio recount are the ones making all the efforts to support democracy there. While the individual who would most likely benefit from a recount, and the subsequent uncovereing of fraud, does not appear involved what so ever.

Don't tell me the Democratic Party is not failing. They can't stand up for their candidate, they can't stand up for what they claim to believe in, and they can't get anything done in government that doesn't fit into the right-wing's agenda.

Minority party politics (I'm no longer using the 3rd-party term because there's too many other parties in existence for any one of them to be a "3rd party") ...ahem, Minority party politics is the real meat of political movement and social change. Things have to move through waves, and we are riding the crest of a great political upheaval (in my opinion). We need to fight against entrenched interests.


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