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Monday, June 06, 2005

Maryland Greens Elect New Officers, National Delegates

Not a very personalized post, but here's our release from this weekend's Synthesis 2005:

Registered Greens from across the state gathered in Baltimore last Saturday to elect new party officers. Offices up for election were two state party Co-Chairs, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Membership Coordinator, and two delegates to the Green National Committee (GNC).

Maryland Greens re-elected Michael Cornell (Columbia, Md.), who will serve a second term as Co-Chair. Also winning re-election for Treasurer was Beth Hufnagel (Elkridge, Md.). Hufnagel also ran for Maryland Comptroller in 2002.

Newly elected officers are Eileen Scott (Silver Spring, Md.) as the second Co-Chair position, Nathan Bahn (Silver Spring, Md.) as Recording Secretary, and Vo Cheng (Rosedale, Md.) as Membership Coordinator.

Winning the delegate seats to the GNC were Steve Kramer (Columbia, Md.) and Virginia Rodino (Baltimore, Md.). Kramer is serving his second term as delegate to the GNC and is also one of seven Co-Chairs on the national Green Party’s Steering Committee. Other candidates seeking election to Maryland’s delegation to the GNC were Brad Carlton (Baltimore, Md.) and Brandy Baker (Baltimore, Md.).

Saturday’s elections met the Maryland Green Party’s by-laws requirement of gender and minority balance for state party Co-Chairs.


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