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Friday, November 26, 2004

Have You Considered Moving North?

With leaders like Canada's Paul Martin, who is now calling for a new international organization to protect human rights abuses, the call to many of us to move north is getting stronger everyday. I would love a leader that at the least appears to be calling for international solutions to major problems such as those in the Sudan.

On the one hand, his L-20 seems like a great idea. Take the G-8 and expand it to include 12 of the most developed nations like Brasil, India, South Korea, etc.

On the other hand, while the circle of power might be widening, it is still a circle of power elites.

This leads me to question what power would look like if it were truly equally distributed. The furthest extreme I can think of is the Borg from Star Trek. That's certainly not appealing, being a mindless shell of a human being.

Not sure where the happy medium is on this, but my guess would be that people the world over would need to tune their antennas more into politics than say...American Idol or futbol.


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