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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Ehrlich Misses the Mark....Again

This is becoming quite typical of Bob Ehrich's administration:
In his Senate remarks, Ehrlich said he would push a "child-centric" agenda this year with proposals to safeguard children's health, education and safety. He said he would push initiatives on lead paint, teen driving safety and improved services for children with mental health and substance abuse problems.
So, only those children whose parents have the money to give them a car to drive (or even to have one to lend to their teens), and the children with serious mental and drug problems are to be helped? He says he's willing to "push initiatives" on lead paint, which affects some of the state's poorest children, but that phrase is vague.

Why aren't we helping all Maryland's children, not just the sick or the priveledged? Why not institute some form of universal healthcare so the thousands of children without insurance can be healthy?

Don't get me wrong, helping the mentally ill and substance abusers is high on my list. I'm just skeptical about this language and am waiting to see what help means to the governor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


One must cynically regard *anything* that comes from Ehrlich (Unfortunately, this is also all too true of certain Democrats as well.....).

--Nathan Bahn
bahnathan at

1:35 PM  
Blogger OnBackground said...

But then Ehrlich isn't really trying to help everyone, is he? That's the sad thing.

editor of OnBackground, a progressive Maryland web log

9:02 PM  

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