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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

MD Taxpayers Buy Governor's Campaign Commercials

Check out Michael Olesker's commentary in today's Sun. It addresses an issue I had commented on several months back.

And that issue is the Governor's misuse of taxpayer money to fund his own campaign commercials. Sure, they're not really campaign commercials, but who does he think he's kidding? Does he really think he's the reason why tourists come to MD?

Olesker rightly points out the obvious that:

He doesn't know about land deals, doesn't know about juvenile justice, can't get his prized slot machines past the legislature.

No wonder.
This guy's been too busy caulking voters' bathrooms.

Too busy raking voters' yards.

Too busy starring in TV commercials showing that no problem is too small for him to handle - while the big problems slip right past him.


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