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Friday, October 15, 2004

Md Green Party Fundraiser

Tonight was great! Lot's of people showed up (about 100). We had some great entertainment and some press, including the Washington Post. They were mostly looking to talk with more Washington-based candidates...Theresa Dudley and Bob Auerbach. Unfortunately, neither showed up. But Dan Kulpinski and Joe Horigan (bless their soles) were represeting the Montgomery County Greens. They gave good info to the Post, whose reporter seemed to be taking notes.

It really made me jazzed about election night. I think we're going to do well, though it's possible that none of our candidates will win. That wont't be the disappointment. I think the unspoken goal of the campaigns is to get 1/4 of MD voters to vote Green. That's about 675,000 voters. It might be a long shot, but look at Maria Allwine's campaign. According to Gonzalez Research, she's polling at 1% in MD. That doesn't include undecides or margin of error. Factoring in those numbers (6% and 3% respectively), Maria has a chance to garner about 2-3% of the vote. That's 81,000 votes alone. And that's a lot of people. Just going by the poll, there are 4 times the number of voters who will vote for her as there are registered Greens in the state.

The real goal, of course, it to register more Greens. It's possibly the only way we can a) maintain party status (i.e. LEGAL) and b) expect to win some elections.

What's most important isn't money, it's person-power. This is, after all, grassroots democracy in its finest. We can't do any of the things we'd like to do (in addition to actually election someone) without people. We need people to volunteer for campaigns. We need people to network with their friends, family and civic groups. We need people! Period.

I really don't know what else to say except that getting involved in the Green Party is the best thing you, or anyone, can do for our democracy.


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