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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Starving the Needy, Bankrupting America

They did it again. $143 billion tax breaks to corporations. It's good to know that welfare is alive and well in this country. Too bad it's going to the people that least need it.

What strikes me as really ironic about this bill is this:

The 69 to 17 vote, taken in a rare holiday session, belied the
acrimony underlying the measure, which includes $143 billion in tax
breaks over 10 years, offset by loophole closures and other revenue

So, Congress gave money to companies that probably don't need it, just to keep them from exploiting the tax system. It's good to know that our private tax payer dollars are being used to bribe companies to obey the law.

What ever happened to enforcement?

This still begs the question, of course, what would a Green tax system look like?


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