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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Three Articles in Two Days...Not Bad!!!

The sun has three articles just in the last two days, catch 'em while they're hot!

On Keith Salkowski

On Keith Again

On Patsy Allen

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Some article highlights:

On Keith:

Ruppersberger and Brooks are joined in the race by Green Party candidate Keith
Salkowski, a Towson filmmaker who says his presence is part of an effort to
"give voters a lot more choices than they've ever had."

Salkowski: Says the U.S. has a responsibility to reconstruct a country it "broke," but should aim to withdraw troops from Iraq within a year and immediately turn control of the political transition over to the United Nations. He says the U.S. should adopt a multinational approach.

Salkowski: Calls for an end to tax incentives for companies that move jobs out of the U.S. and says that a longterm energy policy focusing on renewable energy sources will create new jobs and infrastructure. He also supports increasing the minimum wage and making sure Americans earn a living wage.

On Patsy:

Green Party candidate Patsy Allen says she's running for Maryland's 3rd District congressional seat because she is tired of seeing such offices held by career politicians who are supported by wealthy donors and partisan interest groups.

Allen expressed strong objections to many of the Bush administration's policies.

She said she protested the war in Iraq and hopes the United States will remove its troops as soon as possible, adding that the United States should try to persuade other countries to send troops.

She supports rolling back most of President Bush's tax cuts and offering government-supported health care to all Americans. She also favors raising the minimum wage.

She said the country has gone backward on most environmental issues. She criticized measures such as the North American Free Trade Agreement for being lax on environmental and worker safety standards.


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