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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Congress Bankrupts America

That's right. $146 billion dollars in tax cuts were passed today (extended in some cases) gouging even more out of the federal budget. At this rate, our kids will have to learn how to read and write on their own, our urban streets will continue to rot at the hands of drugs, and our infrastructure will rust to the point of breaking (a la last year's major blackout).

As a Green, the question is not just whether these tax cuts are good--they're obviously not--but whether we would be good stewards of the country's purse strings. After all, we love our social programs.

Many Greens would probably agree that it's not just the social programs and tax code we need to reform, but also our energy system. Getting off our dependence of foreign oil and onto renewable energy sources/technology should be our prime target for fixing our economy.


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