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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Green Candidates Make a Splash!

Front page of the Perspective section! Wow!!! While manning the MD Green Party display at the state fair the other night, Mike Cornell pointed out that this was the first article on the MGP that didn't include the phrase "it's not easy being green."

In fact, we've received a decent amount of coverage this election cycle and very little of it has been negative. Hirsh's article clearly points out the long way we've come as a result of the huge court victory we won last year. My only issue was that Hirsh didn't name each of the candidates, although it appears that he spoke with each of them. Maybe we can get the Sun to do a follow-up piece on each of the candidates?

And, as another Green in Harford County pointed out in this letter to the editor: "I would certainly consider the successful lawsuit challenging the state's discriminatory two-tier nominating system for third-party candidates a victory for democracy for all Marylanders. "

Victory for the MGP and its numerous candidates (15 in total throughout the state) is not only measured by winning the election (though that'd be nice too). Considering the long strides we've made in the past year, and will continue to make throughout this election cycle and the next, victory can be defined by how many people we reach, how many people at least stop and consider the serious problems with a two-party system, how many more people register green (according to Hirsh's article, we're currently at about 6500 in MD).

So, let's use the buddy system. For each one of us, let's recruit at least one other person to join a campaign (there's plenty to choose from), vote Green, register Green, register others Green, educate people and communities about how the choice is ours. We can either continue to elect Democrats and Republicans and only watch how our neighborhoods rot and our natural resources get sucked up by rampant industry and development; OR we can elect Greens who can ensure our government represents people and not corporate power, who will never vote for war, and who will work for education and healthcare for all.


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