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Monday, August 30, 2004

Land of Opportunity

Many Americans are proud this week, having seen our Olympic athletes' proficiency and flair in the international competition. The swift runners and swimmers and the graceful gymnasts enhance our country’s image and our sense of well-being. The knowledge that these athletes have trained for years to achieve their goals only increases our esteem and awe of them. Then there’s the compassionate example of Michael Phelps, stepping aside to share the glory of gold with a teammate.

Can you imagine having political leaders of whom we can be equally proud? Leadership that is as focused, disciplined, and strong, that engenders as much admiration and respect, and sets the best possible example for all our citizens?

A disciplined and compassionate administration would take care of peoples’ needs first, before spending money on tax credits for its wealthiest citizens. Health care, housing, day care, food, and education for all Americans would be priorities. Deficit spending would be most unusual, occuring only in emergency situations. Planning for the future would include research into and incentives for sustainable energy sources, and conservation of limited fossil fuels.

Rich in the earth’s natural resources, and in our diverse mix of abilities, ideas and cultures, the United States could lead the world in tolerance and understanding, instead of weapons production. Our ingenuity is historical, and generations of new Americans have worked long and hard to give their families a better life than they lived. The American dream no longer seems possible, as only the most priviledged are advancing toward their goals, the rest of us struggling to maintain our standard of living, while our government spends billions of our dollars engaging in preemptive warfare.

America deserves a government that lives up to the Green ideals of democracy, equal opportunity, and environmental and economic sustainability. Making the most of our gifts and opportunities is the American dream.


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