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Saturday, August 14, 2004


Occasional readers of this blog will notice that my occasional postings have become severely less occasional. Alas, I've found a job! It's great: small company, lots of interesting things to learn and do, overall a bunch of great people to work with. It seems like this is the ideal job (at least for me).


They don't recycle!!! This drives me nuts. My new company produces two magazines, one quarterly and one bi-monthly. Those of you who have worked in the magazine industry or know anything about publishing know that it takes a hell of a lot of paper to come up with a decent-looking final copy. Fine. But at least recycle! It's easy and I think (or at least hope) Baltimore City would provide curbside pickup even for businesses. To be sure, I'll be looking into this in more detail.

Anyway, with my new job, I have less energy and time. But fret not! Starting shortly, our great Baltimore City and Maryland Congressional Candidates will be posting here! That's right, Green Imagination will be the home to a host of new bloggers...all GREEN CANDIDATES.

So look out cyberspace, we're getting' serious.


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