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Sunday, July 18, 2004

The NAACP's Choices

In this weekend's Sun, Kelly Brewington wrote "...the Republicans offer blacks little alternative" in summarizing Charleston, S.C.'s NAACP president Dot Scott's reaction to President Bush's refusal to engage the NAACP in dialogue.
While Scott notes that the Democratic Party "isn't all we need, it's just the closest," it's good to know that African American voters have several good alternatives to both the Republicans and the Democrats:  the Green Party. 
From environmental issues in urban communities to promoting a living wage and protecting voters from disenfranchisement at the hands of technology, Green Party candidates in Baltimore City, across Maryland and throughout the country are working to support issues that African Americans care about.  More than any other party, Green candidates are working for a more just political and social system, something all voters care about regardless of their demographic.
And as Green Party Presidential candidate David Cobb says, if your conscious does not permit you to vote for him, you can always vote downticket.  Contrary to Ms. Brewington's statement, there are in fact plenty of alternatives. 


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