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Friday, July 23, 2004

Live from Annapolis

I'm blogging live from the Maryland Green Party Press Conference, announcing the candidates for congress.  We have Keith, Maria, Patsy & Theresa.  Also joining us is Myles Hoenig & Glenn Ross. 

Fred just gave a great speech about the history of the progressive movement, stating how democratic it is. 

marriage going now.  She's doing fantastic.  She's calm and her delivery is even, direct, and honestly concerned.  She's going off on Iraq.  She's upset, clearly, without going crazy.  She's got ideas, and she's sounds very reasonable. 

Now she's talking about terrorism at home.  War on drugs, healthcare, you name she's going off.

Keith is now on.  He's excited he said.  He wants to provide a real progressive choice.  He wants to end US dependence on oil.  "We have no choice.  We must transition..." He says and proudly.  He's pushing for change in energy policy.

more to come.


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