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Thursday, July 15, 2004

What an Ego

So, because Ehrlich can't lull people to Maryland with slots, he instead uses...himself.  This is truly sad.  Does he really think spending $1.4 million plastering his mug over Maryland TV will get people to come here for tourism?  I mean, have you seen his hair??
According to this editorial, the idea is to broadcast these commercials across MD in the hopes that people who live in other states but within local broadcasting reach will be enticed to come visit.  It seems like a shady way of putting his face up before the public, using public money mind you, in advance of the 2006 governer's election. 
$1.4 million buys a lot of school books, Uncle Bob.  It could also help pay a few teacher's salaries for quite a while.  But, instead, you'd rather be vain.  Go figure. 
Has anyone seen these commercials?  If so, please comment!


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