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Monday, June 28, 2004

Campaign synergy

With so many Green candidates running in Maryland, there's been some discussion about joint campaigns and the potential attention that these campaign could and should receive. In particular, there has been some speculation over how a congressional campaign would work when overlapping a city campaign. Some city candidates are concerned, and rightfully so, that congressional campaigns will receive all the press as well as local support in terms of at least human resources. But that should not be a reason to shy away from the idea all together.

The fact of the matter is that joint campaigns can work very effectively on all levels, but only if the campaigns do a good job at coordination. Not only do joint canvasses save time and wo-man power (i.e. canvassing for two candidates in the same neighborhoods at the same time), but it also presents a sort of unified front to voters. It says to voters that we're a real party with real candidates on all levels of government. To this end, joint literature can also be useful, but it's not necessary as it might get expensive.

Another great way that campaigns can work together is fundraising. I've heard some concerns that campaigns don't want to share any funds they raise with another campaign. I've also heard concerns any joint fundraising events would raise less money because potential donors would possibly give less money to both candidates rather than one larger sum to one. However, joint fundraising is indeed possible if there is a general admission price which people pay (say 10$) that includes entrance, maybe some food, drink, music, activities, whatever your campaigning heart desires. If people who go to the event would like to contribute more money to a particular candidate, they are welcome to do so. After the event is done, the campaigns divide the profits from the entrance fee.

This approach could work really well if done with the right amount of finesse and coordination (I think this is a key word I'll be referring to a lot on this page). A joint event would most likely draw more people than any one candidate could probably muster. If one candidate brings in say 100 people, and the other brings in say 50, then maybe the profits would be shared proportionately. The point is that there would be 150 coming rather than just 100 or just 50. The overall cost of putting on such an event would also probably be less expensive. Since I'm no accountant, I leave the financial details to the campaign treasurers.

Politics and political campaigns are all about networking. Getting people into your network, extending the reach of your network, etc. The more you network, the more people your messages could potentially reach. So, why not combine networks?

Have any other ideas about how campaigns can work together? Share them here!


Blogger Hanno said...

We can find any number of ways that campaigns can help one another. One group that has been working hard to develop Green campaign synergy is the Coordinated Campaign Committee of the Green Party. Their free services and resources can be found at

They can surely teach us a thing or two, and by November I bet we will have brought some fresh, powerful ideas to them too.

4:32 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Yes, I've been to the CCC's website a few times looking for resources. Candidates should also be aware that aside from helping with strategy support, the CCC can also help with funding!

Here's the site for the funding:

8:09 PM  
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