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Thursday, July 15, 2004

10 Partisan Myths

This is an interesting yet somewhat weakly written article. The author appears to be trying to debunk myths that Democrats and Republicans hold about government entitlements and tax cuts respectively.

For the Dems, he suggests that they come to terms that government entitlements don't help those who need them the most. For Repubs, he suggests that supply-side economics really doesn't work and that there's no way tax cuts will really be able to prevent congress from spending and overspending (as they've certainly done over the past few years).

This leads me to wonder what a Green tax/economic system would look like? Would it heavily tax SUV drivers & big polluters? Conversely, would we provide big tax breaks to people who recycle, compost, live ecologically, work towards bettering the community? Where does commerce fit into this puzzle?

I know the Baltimore City Greens have suggested coming up with a sound economic plan. I urge you all to take up this discussion on our new bulletin board system:


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