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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zarqawi Conspiracy Theory

I'm usually not much of a conspiracy theorist, but this seems too obvious. There's some fishy business going on with the latest news of Zarqawi's death.

For example, how do you drop two 500 lbs bombs on someone and then later identify him "by fingerprints, 'facial recognition' and 'known scars.'" How does someone's body survive two huge bombs dropped on one small building? This seems highly dubious.

Now they've release a picture with his face--apparently they cleaned it up a bit before publishing it.

The NYT also mentions some facts that don't seem to square away. There seems to be a discrepancy as to whether US forces were on the ground prior to the attack and exchanged gunfire. The article also states something about a timeline not matching up, but it doesn't seem to elaborate on that point.

And as is typical of maintstream news, neither article mentions anything about the deaths of nearby innocents. They're not important apparently, and it doesn't matter to them if the main target is dead (however dubious that might be). Again, you drop two 500-lbs bombs and only a handful of people die?

I'm not a bomb or arms expert, but that seems like a stretch.


Anonymous The Videbamur said...

Add in the footage of Zarqawi wearing American Made Running Shoes, inability to fire a AK and gold jewelry, released a little over a month before he was killed, and not to mention his lack of intensity (I would expect the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq to have the demeanor of an evil dude)and this guy
is hardly the Islamo-Fascist that we all come to fear and project

3:07 AM  

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