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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The real republican strategy behind electronic voting in MD

Ehrlich can point fingers all he wants, but I'd bet money that he secretly want faulty electronic voting. It's easy to say you want paper ballots (anyone who wants democracy wants paper ballots).

The truth is that Diebold, that highly trustworthy donor to the Republican party, is going to be "re-testing" the machines that failed in last week's primary. If they screwed it up once, who's to say that they won't screw it up again? And by screwed, I mean cheating the public of an honest election.


Anonymous SLH said...

I think each time you attack electronic voting, you fail to take into account that paper ballots were counted by a machine. Why is a completely electronic voting machine less trustworthy than a machine that counts paper ballots? Both can be tampered with, and electronic voting machines (at least in my county) print out what is essentially a recipt telling the individual how they voted before being prompted to send of their final vote. How is this not a sufficent paper trail, espcially when it's clear and can't produce the same confusion as "dimpled chads"?

5:17 PM  

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